What is Technopark?

Technoparks one or several university, as well as research centers directly with  or in connection with the activities of the partner was, the composition of the scientific results and high technologies companies based on the establishment of the and  the development for in taking the initiative is built. To companies operating in technopark, university transfer of innovative research results and work in the fields of management provides support. If say so, Technoparks beginning the formation of new ideas, is a comprehensive conditions for development and implementation of  its (with companies partner activities and etc.), providing is a place innovative activities. In other words Technoparks the rapid development of human capital were structures systems high technologies manufacturing. It will be more active in the composition universities.

Comprise Technoparks

  • Center of incubation
  • Technological Cooperation Office
  • Technology Transfer Office
  • University-industry cooperation


There are four fundamental aspect of high-tech production:

  • Researcher abilities and enthusiasm power of the human,
  • Sufficient data base,
  • Sufficient financial support,
  • Carry out scientific research in a way programmed.